The Right Solution?

When to opt for the adult day program

It's usually challenging to admit you need help, especially if you've been a highly independent person used to caring for others all your life! And if you're the caregiver, it may be equally difficult to consider allowing "strangers" to care for your beloved family member.

As with any service, the best time to start exploring what's available is before you actually need it. According to professionals, you should seriously consider using adult day care when a senior:

  • can no longer structure his or her own daily activities
  • is isolated and desires companionship
  • can't be safely left alone at home
  • lives with someone who works outside the home or who is frequently away from home for other reasons

Finding the right adult day program for your family's needs

We recommend you start by asking yourself what specific services both elder adult and caregiver most need. For the day care participant, are social activities primary? Assistance with walking, eating or medications? Mental stimulation? Exercise? As a caregiver, is support what you need most? Some free time? Help with transportation? Answering these questions and comparing the level of care and expertise offered by providers will help you make the decision.

As you are looking, consider asking the following questions. We've answered them for the Wellington Place Adult Day Program for your convenience.

  • How long has it been operating?
    • Wellington Place has been proudly serving seniors since 1996.
  • Is it licensed or certified?
    • Wellington Place is licensed by the State of Tennessee- Department of Health
  • What are the days and hours of operation?
    • Adult Day Program hours are available 7 days a week from 7am-7pm
  • Is transportation to and from the center provided?
    • Transportation is available at an additional cost and is limited to Williamson and Davidson County
  • Which conditions are accepted (e.g., memory loss, limited mobility, incontinence)?
    • ?
  • What are the staff's credentials, and what is the ratio of staff to participants?
    • All staff are experienced with the care of seniors with oversight by an RN at all times. The ratio of staff to participants is never greater than 1:15
  • Are meals and snacks included?
    • Yes, all meals and snacks are included
  • Are special diets accommodated?
    • Yes, Special diets are accomidated